Ars Combinatoria
Volume XLIII, August, 1996

  • Katherine Heinrich, Midori Kobayashi and Gisaku Nakamura, "A solution of Dudeney's round table problem for p^eq^f + 1"

  • Sanpei Kageyama and Ying Miao, "Some constructions of semiframes"

  • Lin Ke-Rong and Chen Rong-Si, "K-coverable polyhex graphs"

  • T. Gangopadhyay, "On the existence of a stable complementing permutation in t-sc graph"

  • Chen Kejun and Zhu Lie, "On the existence of skew room frames of type t^u"

  • Ulrich Teschner, "The bondage number of a graph G can be much greater than Delta(G)"

  • S. Arumugam and A. Thuraiswamy, "Total domination in graphs"

  • M.C. Soper, "A semigroup operation using powers of two"

  • Zeng Min Song and Ke Min Zhang, "A new idea for Hamiltonian problem"

  • Kathrin Klamroth and Ingrid Mengersen, "Ramsey numbers of K3 versus (p,q)-graphs"

  • E.R. Lamken, "A few more partitioned balanced tournament designs"

  • John T. Thorpe and Frederick C. Harris, Jr., "A parallel Stochastic optimization algorithm for finding mappings of the rectilinear minimal crossing problem"

  • Johann Hagauer and Sandi Klavzar, "On independence numbers of the cartesian product of graphs"

  • Huaitang Chen, Kejie Ma and Huishan Zhou, "The ascending star subgraph decomposition of some star forests"

  • Margaret B. Cozzens and Shu-Shih Y. Wu, "Vertex-neighbor-integrity of trees"

  • O. Favaron and C.M. Mynhardt, "On the sizes of least common multiples of several pairs of graphs"

  • O.V. Borodin, "To the paper of H.L. Abbott and B. Zhou on 4-critical planar graphs"

  • L. Niepel, M. Knor and L. Soltes, "Distances in iterated line graphs"

  • Antoni Marczyk, "Hamiltonian cycles in the square of two-connected graph with given circumference"

  • A. Khodkar, "The fine structure of (v,3) directed triple systems: v = 0 or 1 (mod 3)"

  • H.J. Broersma and Li Xueliang, "The connectivity of the leaf-exchange spanning tree graph of a graph"

  • Qing-Xue Huang, "Complete m-partite decompositions of complete multigraphs"

  • E.J. Cockayne and C.M. Mynhardt, "On a generalization of signed dominating functions of graphs"

  • Martin Knor, "Characterization of minor-closed pseudosurfaces"

  • Jinjiang Yuan, "Path-width and tree-width of the join of graphs"

  • Michael A. Henning, "Domination in regular graphs"

  • Carlos Guia and Oscar Ordaz, "Chvatal-Erdos condition for Hamiltonicity in digraphs"

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